Practice areas

Below are our main areas of expertise and experience.

Safety & security

Our skills

Custax & Legal supports companies in a global and cross-disciplinary vision of security and safety and offers an integrated approach to controlling risks and threats.

We intervene in prevention, diagnosis, advice and training.

Safety & security

  • Raise awareness and train in good practices at the level of developments, operations, networks and workstations.
  • Audit and react to identified vulnerabilities
  • Authenticate and access control
  • Secure the workstations, the network and the administration of your IT systems
  • Manage Nomadism

Safe diagnosis

  • Carry out safety studies to assess risk exposure
  • Detect the flaws of the sites
  • Formulate useful recommendations

Security by design

  • Assist in obtaining and managing authorizations from ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency)
  • Define procedures and support for “safety and security” certification as part of the customs AEO certification
  • Propose agile methodologies for taking safety into account in projects
  • Assist in the drafting and implementation of internal security procedures
  • Audit project management related to IT security
  • Review the security and business continuity clauses in customer and supplier contracts

Crisis Management

  • Identify crisis or pre-crisis situations
  • Set up and run a crisis management unit using company resources
  • Train in crisis management
  • Raise awareness of media relations


  • Anchor the risk prevention policy in business practices
  • Advise management on security/safety policies

Economic protection

  • Protect your strategic assets
  • Mastering e-reputation on the internet
  • Secure your data and anticipate attacks from your competitors
  • Determine the information needs necessary to increase the safety and competitiveness of the enterprise structure
  • Design and run a monitoring system to detect threats and opportunities likely to impact the business
  • Integrate a systemic approach to economic intelligence as part of an overall organizational protection policy

Data protection

  • Manage and organize data protection
  • Define the roles of the controller, the processor and the data protection officer
  • Analyze the impact on data protection
  • Notify and respond to incidents

Some of our experiences

Our safety-security experts are certified in ISO 22301, 27001, CISSP and certified by the Institut National des Hautes Etudes de la Sécurité et de la Justice with the Prime Minister.

  • Expert in diagnosis and safety advice
  • Ability to understand the business challenges and the specific security features of both information and the physical flows and facilities of a company.
  • Methodology for managing change
  • Assistance with ISO standards and regulatory compliance
  • Advice to companies on site security
  • Training and advice in crisis management, audit

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