Practice areas

Below, our main though not exclusive areas of expertise and experience.

Export Control

Our skills

Custax & Legal assists companies at every stage of the life cycle of their goods :

Compliance by design

  • Classification of goods
    • Tangible and intangible goods (information, technical assistance)
    • Military equipment
    • Dual Use goods
    • Means of cryptology
    • Taking into account foreign export controls, for instance: UK (Strategic Export Control Lists) or extraterritorial such as in the USA (ITAR and EAR regulations)
  • Drafting & implementing Internal Procedures adapted to the company: or Internal Compliance Program (ICP), operating procedures, archiving system to be set up…
  • Training and cross-functional involvement of all the company’s functions (“break silos”) and definition of the roles and responsibilities of each person in the internal procedures
  • Setting up or adapting contracts to take export control risks into account

Asset management

  • Opportunity studies and risk assessment with regard to embargoes and economic and international sanctions in force (advice as to the choice of a screening tool)
  • Assistance in obtaining export/import licences or authorisations and assistance with the procedures to be carried out with the competent authorities in France (DGA, SBDU, MinINT, ANSSI), in the UK (ECJU) and in the USA (DoS, DoC, DoT)
  • Assistance in the management of the flow of goods and of the supply-chain or after-sales service (repair) which may be supplemented by assistance in customs law (use of inward or outward processing arrangements for repair, for example)

Advice, audit and training

  • Regulatory watch & monitoring
  • Audit: risk mapping, analysis of supply chains and distribution chains and assessment of procedures in place
  • Training, methods and practical exercises

Control and Litigation

  • Military
  • Customs
  • Penal

Our experience

Custax & Legal, a member of the international “TTA” (Trusted Trade Alliance) network, offers a solution adapted to the needs of its clients thanks to a multidisciplinary team of lawyers and experts able to intervene anywhere in the world.

  • Assistance with the classification and “declassification” (military & dual-use) of goods for French companies in the aeronautics sector
  • Assistance to French and UK companies in the management of their export control procedures in the BREXIT context
  • Assistance to a French company in obtaining export licences for goods subject to the “catch-all “clause
  • Advising a French company in the oil & gas sector in the assessment of the risks associated with the sanctions regimes imposed against Russia
  • Training and advice on export control for a leading French company in the field of nanotechnology
  • Assistance to a company established outside the EU for the transfer of controlled information to France
  • Training and assistance in setting up an internal compliance program for a German-based company in the agri-food sector

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