Practice areas

Below, our main though not exclusive areas of expertise and experience.

Customs Engineering & Law

Our skills

Organisational compliance

  • Technical and legal support for product classification(s)
  • Audits of simple (HS) or complex classification processes (HS, dual use and military goods)
  • Audit of the determination process of customs origin(s)
  • Audit of the customs valuation process
  • Audit of the operation of special procedures authorisations
  • Audit of industrial processes and supply-chain
  • Audit and support for AEO certification
  • Drafting or adaptation of contracts (assistance in the choice of Incoterms) to take into account the risks related to customs law

Flow management

  • Setting up a customs clearance scheme and a supply chain adapted to the company (flows and goods)
  • Assistance in the choice and implementation of special procedures

Consulting, audit and training

  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Pre-application assistance for BTI and BOI
  • In-house training on all customs subjects (as a complement to the implementation or changes of procedures): classification, origin, value, contracts, use of Incoterms rules, international contracts; transit, inward processing, end-use; learning how to use international trade agreements (free trade, economic cooperation, regional, bilateral or unilateral, etc.) and the problems of certification of origin;

Customs disputes and litigation

  • Purely customs
  • Energy taxation
  • Export controls
  • Waste management


As a French member of the international “TTA” (Trusted Trade Alliance) network, Custax & Legal offers a solution adapted to the needs of its clients thanks to a multidisciplinary team of lawyers and experts in engineering and customs law capable of intervening anywhere in the world.

  • Assistance with customs clearance or reimportation following damages to yachts or sales, maintenance or dismantling operations of business aircraft.
  • Assistance with customs treatment of art masterpieces.
  • Customs litigation in the field of aeronautical IPR management.
  • Review of the entire classification of a Franco-German group prior to obtaining the status of approved exporter in order to benefit from preferential origin
  • Assistance to French and English companies in the management of their customs procedures in the context of Brexit
  • Audit of the customs practices of a group (FR, Mexico, Brazil and China) and assessment of contingent risks and liabilities and areas for improvement in terms of organisation and procedures to be implemented.
  • Redefinition of a group’s supply chain in Africa; integration of regulatory constraints in order to achieve an optimised flow scenario for the entire zone.
  • Training of commercial and technical teams in customs practices,
  • Drafting of contracts for the sale of goods incorporating Incoterm 2020 rules and customs and regulatory parameters.
  • Negotiation with foreign customs in the case of job-creating investments to obtain customs and tax facilities.

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